The Doxie Go SE

In the past I had the opportunity to review both the Doxie Go WiFi and the Doxie Q, and this time the folks at Apparent sent me their newest scanner, the Doxie Go SE, for review. As the name implies, the Go SE represents an incremental evolution over the Go WiFi design.

But it’s more than that. Simply put, the Go SE my favorite Doxie scanner yet. Let me tell you why.

Hey There, Good Lookin’

First off, I do prefer this form factor over that of the Q:

I particularly like Go SE’s rounded corners and edges. There’s a certain warmth and friendliness to that style of industrial design which feels right at home here in 2018.

And the stickers. Now I don’t mind if you want to adhere labels on your product to help educate the user on unboxing, but those dang things better come off when I need them to. Thankfully that was my experience with Go SE: they came off clean as a whistle.

A Quick Scan

We don’t often have huge stacks of paper to scan in — thank goodness for statement PDFs delivered via email — so a single-sheet feeder works just fine for our needs (compared to the Doxie Q’s tray feed system).

With Go SE you’ll be scanning in documents face up, and they go through the rollers fast. I also appreciate the nice, but firm tug you experience when pre-feeding your paper into the scanner.

In terms of transferring scans to the desktop, I’m always partial to using an SD card because my MacBook Pro still has an SD card slot (that will not always be the case). Thankfully one version (in this case, the one Apparent sent to me) of the Go SE offers a WiFi transfer option like its predecessor.

What’s New?

Here are a few additional changes I noticed with Go SE, as compared to the previous models:

  • Go SE has a replaceable battery (🙌🏻) and it no longer requires a power block/brick for charging. Just plug the included cable into any USB port and you’re good to go.
  • The scanner will take a wider sheet of paper, possibly even the A4 format used for sheet music, which is a big bonus for me. I’d love to go all digital with my sheet music.
  • There’s an SD card in the box, and it packs 8 GB of storage.
  • You can transfer scans via a new USB tethered mode.

Wrapping Up

As I mentioned earlier, Doxie Go SE comes in two models ($199 and $219). Both can transfer scans over USB or via an included SD card, but only the more expensive $219 model can communicate with your computer (or iOS devices) over WiFi.

(I should also note the current Doxie promotion on Amazon. At press time your Doxie Go SE will ship with a bonus pair of Doxie socks, so that’s fun.)

For the moment I don’t need the WiFi option, but I can see it coming in handy as laptops (Apple’s machines, anyway) continue to abandon everything but the latest USB-C ports. And at only $20 extra, I think it’s a solid investment in future-proofing your Doxie Go SE.

C’mon people, go paperless! With the exception of just a few legal and other important documents, there’s just no reason to keep stacks of paper lying around and cluttering up your home. Good luck, and happy scanning!

The kind folks at Doxie were gracious enough to provide me with a complimentary Doxie Go SE unit for the purposes of this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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