‘Homecoming’ Is Too Good

A couple weeks ago my wife and I binge-watched a TV show for the first time since our kids were born: Homecoming, an Amazon Prime Original.

Homecoming was based on the Gimlet Media podcast of the same name (is this the first time that’s ever happened?), and it happens to be Julia Roberts’ television debut. And it’s fantastic.

It’s not scary. It’s not gory. It’s not gratuitous. But Homecoming is pretty darn unsettling. Much has been said about director Sam Esmail’s directing style, and without spoiling anything, I can say that Homecoming is as Hitchcockian as it gets in 2018.

The camera angles. The spooky orchestral soundtrack (man, there are so many trombones). I even found the main title and credit sequences a bit off-putting. Homecoming is so good.

There are 10 episodes, each somewhere around 25-35 minutes long. We watched the first five without batting an eye, and if it hadn’t been for the threat of children waking us early on a Saturday morning (let’s face it: every morning), we might have watched all ten right in a row.

You are going to love this show.

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