The Loog Pro Guitar

I began learning the guitar sometime in high school, and one Christmas I was fortunate to buy a Martin DC1-E acoustic-electric, and I’ve been playing on & off ever since. Sadly I don’t play nearly as much as I used to. But I have a feeling that’s about to change.

I have a three boys, and my oldest (6) is starting to take an interest in music. So when I brought up the prospect of reviewing a Loog Pro guitar, he was thrilled. And when it showed up in candy apple red, he was ecstatic.

Half the Strings, All of the Sound

What makes Loog unique is that it makes its sound with just the top three strings of a normal guitar (G B E). With fewer strings and a narrower neck, it’s far easier for kids (and adults!) to master chord positions. And I have to say: curling your fingers into the right configuration on the fretboard is one of the most difficult aspects of learning the guitar.

Loog was made for my kids’ generation. The guitar has a free iOS companion app, and it features a whole family of friendly monsters, one for each chord. Each guitar also comes with a set of fun chord cards featuring these characters, and a handy carrying pouch, too.

Screenshot of Loog guitar companion app running on iPad
The Loog iOS app home screen.

The Loog app has an integrated tuner (of course), video lessons, songs to learn, games to play, and a “wall of fame” highlighting YouTube vids of Loog players playing their favorite tunes.

My son does not want to play the Loog guitar without the app, and I think that says something.

Back to the guitar. You might be thinking: Three strings, that’s fine, but what if I want to learn how to play a real 6-string guitar? Fear not. When you’re ready to make the move to the more advanced 6-string version, the fingerings will translate perfectly.

Likes & Dislikes

So the boy and I have had a few pseudo guitar lessons, and I asked him what we thought about the Loog Pro. Here’s what he said:


  • That it does the chords for you so you can hear them.
  • The bright red color of the guitar body and that it looks like a rock guitar.
  • The Hall of Fame section of the app where you can see videos of people playing the Loog.
  • Likes lining up the guitar chord cards — favorites are B and Bm because of those particular monsters.


  • Would love to have an electric version. (Such a Loog does exist!)
  • See-through version.
  • Have someone showing “how to really rock” on the Loog guitar.

Closing Out This Review

Growing up, friends of mine had 3/4 sized guitars, and I still maintain that’s probably the ideal way to learn a regular 6-string guitar. But playing the guitar is complex, and taking half the strings out of the equation is indeed helpful. For that reason I think Loog is just a terrific beginner’s guitar for kids and adults alike. It looks great, it plays great, and most importantly, it sounds great. Most folks will be off and running far faster than they would on a standard guitar.

The Loog Pro Acoustic Kids’ Guitar starts at $129, or you can check out the Loog Mini Guitar, which retails for $79.

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